(EDIT: Joystuck was the original name of this blog. Shortly after starting, I discovered it was the name of a UK-based blog, so I changed the name to something I knew wouldn't exist elsewhere: Fring Frang!)

Why a blog?

I often find myself excited and wanting to share my thoughts after playing a good game. Unfortunately, I often take it out on whoever is around me, like roommates or friends, even though I know they probably don't want to hear it.

Enter Joystuck, a blog I created to spit out all my ideas and thoughts on video games without having to annoy everyone around me! As an added bonus, people who are interested can read and share their own thoughts.

Here I will share my personal experiences with games, my impressions and interpretations, as well as thoughts they provoke. Hopefully, the posts won't be too long and boring. Feedback is encouraged: one of the goals of this blog is to share my video game experiences with people who might want to do the same.

Don't be afraid to get lost in play, or joystuck!