Battle Solitaire!

This is a competitive mod of the popular card game Solitaire.

Requirements: 2 players and 1 deck of playing cards

1. Separate the cards into piles by color. Each player plays with one of the piles.

2. Each player sets up seven piles of three cards, with the seven top cards face-up. The remaining five cards serve as the deck.

3. Once both players have set up, they begin completing their Solitaire game simultaneously. Suit does not matter when stacking cards. Only one card from the deck, not three, is flipped at a time. You may move king cards to empty slots. If a player happens to get stuck, he or she loses.

4. First player to complete their game wins!

Drinking game rules: The losing player takes as many drinks as the amount of piles he or she has left. If you get stuck, try to eliminate as many stacks as possible as to avoid unnecessary drinks.


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