Fun Free Browser Games

Are you bored? Got a few minutes? Here are my favorite web browser games you can play without signing up for anything or downloading software.

These picks range from interesting art games to fun and challenging games to games that are just plain odd. I'd like to start with the art games, so skip to the last half of the article for more traditionally fun games.

Click on the names to be linked to the games!

Dys4ia is an autobiographical art game by Anna Anthropy. The game is a great example of how a meaningful, personal experience can be conveyed through gameplay. In the game, the player is put in the author's shoes as she struggled with her transgender therapy. I really enjoyed her book Rise of the Videogame Zinesters too.

Loneliness is a game that represents - you've guessed it - loneliness through game mechanics. I learned about this game during an episode of Penny Arcade's Extra Credits.

Aether is an personal art game by Ed McMillen of Team Meat. He talks about Aether in the last half of this video, which is a clip taken from the awesome Canadian documentary Indie Game: The Movie.

Props to Jesse and Jake Waterman for showing me this gem. It's basically a procrastination simulator. And yes, you can double fist smokes.

This is a satirical game that mocks the trend of modern games being too easy and holding the player's hand.

I wouldn't call Frog Fractions an art game, but it's definitely not an ordinary game. Why? I won't spoil the fun here, so you'll have to play to find out. The game takes about 40 minutes to complete, so don't give up on it right away. There's a lot to love under the surface of this seemingly simple math game. Trust me, it's worth playing.

Now for fun games!

Kingdom Rush is the best tower defence around, and the PC version is free! I'm a huge fan of both KR games, but the sequel isn't available on PC.

Time Fcuk is a puzzle platformer from Ed McMillen of Team Meat. It's a fun game built on a cool mechanic. There's also a prototype of what became the awesome Super Meat Boy, although the retail version is a million times better.

SMBC is a fun game that combines classic characters like Zelda, the Contra guys, Samus and Megaman into Super Mario Bros. stages. It's a fun game that (thankfully) doesn't completely rely on its nostalgia factor to be fun. Here's another game that mixes Mario and Tetris.

Like QWOPSS2013 is a purposely bad simulation that makes the task at hand hilariously difficult.

From what I've played, this game takes simple mechanics and changes the rules of interaction each round. This challenges the player to experiment and improvise in order to discover what rules have changed or been added each time. This reminds me a lot of what Jonathan Blow is doing with his next game The Witness (which I think looks to be one of the greatest games ever designed!).

Crazy mini golf! Enough said.

What are your favorite browser games? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Runescape. Lol.

    1. Oh, how many hours I poured into Runescape in my younger days. Kingdom of Loathing was funny too, so many puns.

  2. Amateur Surgeon 2

    1. Never heard of that game. Will check out!

  3. Yo Chad, have you played Tower of Heaven? It's one of the games featured on the limited edition poster of Indie Game: The Movie (which I mention since you mentioned it).

    Much fun!

    1. Hey Eevee! Just tried it out, pretty crushing, thanks for sharing

  4. This game is lame, I liked http://bit.ly/1VxBGzl much more