Mac users

I've finally found a way to play RPG Maker games on Mac computers! Thanks to TheMotorleague for this technique and for allowing me to share it on my site.

RPG Maker games like La vie d'Arcade are made for Windows computers, but these steps allow Mac users to run the game:

1. Download WineBottler 1.7.16 Development from http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/ 
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2. Run the WineBottlerCombo_1.7.16.dmg installer file and drag both Wine and WineBottler into the Applications folder.

3. When installation is complete, return to the folder you saved the game into and open the file. At the screen below, click Go.

4. Allow some processing time and it will then ask you for a folder to extract the files to. For example:

5. Navigate to the extract folder you selected and find a newly created folder called La vie d'Arcade.

Inside you'll find the game.exe file. Open game.exe and you'll be prompted with this window again. Click Go. The next window that pops up should be the game itself.


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