Pokémon Dusk

Experience a different kind of Pokémon adventure!

Click Download on itch.io below to get the game! (Play time: about 10 minutes)

If you'll be playing on a Mac computer, click here for more instructions. 

Once the file is downloaded, extract it with a program like 7-Zip, WinRar, or WinZip. Then to play, click on the orange Game icon. As the game instructs you, to see the proper fonts, you have to copy the files in the game's Fonts folder to the Fonts folder of your computer's Control Panel.

About the game

I came up with the idea for Pokémon Dusk last year when I discovered the Pokémon Essentials resource kit for RPG Maker XP. I started thinking of the possibilities for Pokémon games that deviate from the usual formula.

Last week, I finally decided to sit down and tinker with Pokémon Essentials. After reviewing my old design documents, I started creating this Pokémod. Working with Essentials is great: it lets you modify all aspects of a Pokémon game with relative ease. The online Wiki had all the information I needed to get started.

Click here to check out more fangames made with Pokémon Essentials! Some are mighty impressive, like 4chan's Pokémon Sage.

Pokémon Dusk is just a small project and I have no intention of creating the full game. If only I had an unlimited amount of free time on my hands… Anyway, thanks for checking out my games. More to come in the future!

Thanks to Suzanne Lapointe, Bernard Thériault, Rosiane Comeau, and Normand Pothier for testing!

Update: the game was featured on popular pokétuber giancarloparimango11's channel! Check it out below: