Update - Stutter

I announced a new game called Stutter last fall. This is just a quick update, so for a description of the upcoming game, click on that last link.

After outlining how the game would work, I finished designing the game's story and primary mechanics.

The game then had to be written. Since Stutter is built using Twine, a hypertext engine, words are pretty important. I started writing, but wasn't satisfied with the result and lost motivation. I'm mainly a designer, not a writer, after all.

Logo for the game by Marc d'Entremont

Luckily I found a great collaborator. Rosiane Comeau, a friend and coworker at the time, agreed to team up for this project. She's writing Sutter and has also contributed to design and story structure. Thanks Rosiane for helping this project take off!

As of this week, a first prototype of the game is up and running. It will be easier to finalize the story and add variations based on player choice now that we have something playable to test. Here's a quick look at the prototype story web in Twine:

Once a more complete prototype is reached, I’m going to send it to the fine folks at the Canadian Stuttering Association. Their feedback will help us improve how the game represents stuttering.

Once all this is done, a release date will be announced, then you’ll be able to play the game! Follow Fring Frang on Facebook to stay up to date.

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