Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Chad Comeau, and I write about video games, the art of their design, and how they impact culture. I also create games. 

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Fring Frang is a place where I share my thoughts and opinions on video games. By posting articles online, I’m hoping that people will discuss these subjects with me. Writing also helps organize my ideas. Click here for the most recent English articles.

I write about:

Hot topics, such as violence, mental health, and education in video games.

Game design theory, like emergent gameplay, choices and consequences, and mechanics as meaning. This includes concepts that aren't fully understood yet, like the player-avatar relationship, dynamic stories, and dissonance.

Opinion pieces and factual articles. For example, I've written about Canadian video games, art games, my favourite iOS games, the democratization of the medium, and what defines video games.

Articles about specific games, including This War of Mine, Minecraft, Thirty Flights of Loving, and The Swapper. I also plan on covering local indie games. So far, the only one I'm aware of is Atlantic Canada: The RPG

Action shot taken during one of my video game workshops

The blog name

The name was born of a conversation between Norm Pothier and me. "Simple, yet tasteful", he said. "Like a fring frang. FRING FRANG!", I answered.

Fring frang is the name of a traditional Acadian dish from Clare, Nova-Scotia, where we both grew up. It's basically a potato pancake:

  • Grate a potato or two
  • Squeeze out the starch
  • Place the grated potato like pancakes in a buttered preheated pan
  • Cook until edges are browned
  • Place a bit of butter on the top of each fring frang
  • Flip
  • Fry until cooked to your satisfaction
  • Optional: Pimp out your fring frangs with condiments, cheese, sauce, etc.  

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